Less is More, in the term of logo design minimal logo mean easy to remember and timeless.

Minimalism can be described as the stripping away of all unnecessary elements and focusing on what needs to be there.

The proper use of colors, typography and whitespace (a.k.a. negative space) can help you achieve the intended design. iBrandStudio has compiled a list of creative minimal logos by talented designers who seem to have got it right.

Paint Logotype by Paulius Kairevicius
Cloud Bed by Michael Spitz
Beastie by TIE A TIE
Bear by Second Eight
Doks Logo by Jan Meeus
Mind Frame Cinema by Hannah Purmort
Athletic Yard by Avdiz
Digital Natives Logo Design by Monika Traikov
AHORA Watches Logo
Erase Logo
CargoGet by Creat
Fish by Andreapinter
Mail King by Slavisa Dujkovic
Bridge LLC by Martyr
Urgent by Vaneltia