MoneyMakingExpert.com is a UK based investment forum that was created with one task in mind – to help people make money. They try to help others make more money by creating and delivering high quality content about general business, marketing, and other methods for financial growth. This crucial information can be very helpful towards making the goal of fortify with money.


The project had come to its initial discussion during December 2015. The primary requirement of client was to build a platform for sharing news and information related to business guidance, marketing growth, jobs & career as well as guide their users to build strong financial background. They also required to build tools for tax calculation and budget planning which anyone can use easily.

Apart from this, the content should be presented in a categorised manner to make it more meaningful and descriptive. Money makers was looking for an agency that can build their website more in business & marketing and attract maximum audience.


Some of the primary challenges of the project  are as follows:

  • Setup a platform where user can discuss there financial & business issues and ask queries to the experts.
  • To build an automated tax calculator for calculating taxes based on laws in UK.
  • To build an automated budget planner that can be used to analyse profit & loss.
  • All the features and services should be presented in a categorised and descriptive manner.

Our Solution

Based on the requirements, we have developed the MoneyMakingExpert website. The website is build to cover the three major aspects of the project as mentioned below:

Separation of Data

Separation of data in various representative format to deliver content in a categorized manner.

Tax calculator & Budget Planner

Tax calculator & Budget Planner for website users to know their total income, expenses and profit together.


Forum for Clients to ask queries & general discussion about various topics related to finance and business


Following are the platforms/technologies that we used:


  • HTML / CSS
  • VanillaJS, jQuery



Up and running website with all the initial requirements.

www.moneymakingexpert.com Currently, the system is handling more than 410 active users. Their subscribers for business and marketing is increasing everyday.

This system is still maintained by us, along-with any updates carried out occasionally.